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  • For more information about The Governor's Initiative on Substance Abuse, please contact the WV Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities at (304) 558-0627.
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Substance abuse threatens West Virginia's families, workforce, and communities, with over 152,000 West Virginians in need of treatment.

Community members know their towns and neighbors best. They understand what is at the root of their particular problem. That is why I formed the Governor's Advisory Council on Substance Abuse and the six regional task forces. This is the first step in a long-term action plan. By bringing a diverse group of individuals together to share ideas and develop customized plans of action, we have taken the first step to saving our communities.

We must create expectations of success in combating the problem and look at substance abuse from all levels. Together, we can move our state forward and defeat this crisis. Destroying this burden will free us to reinvigorate our education system, recruit and expand jobs and make our communities safer – thereby making West Virginia a great place to call home.

Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor

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